``The Arabic language for all!``

Apprendre l'arabe à tanger

Learning the basis of Islam is an individual obligation. Some of us like to learn solo while others need a structure, a relevant authority that will push them to learn. Tangier youth Sarl has thus opened up a literary Arabic Language Center (merkez) in the city of Tangier in the north of Morocco. The Tangier Institute offers Arabic lessons to non-Arabic speakers in our center or online. Learning how to write, read and speak Arabic is now possible and easy. If you are not yet familiar with the Arabic alphabet, I suggest you take a look at the following site learn arabic . Or if you want to perfect your pronunciation, here are a few free videos : pronouncing the Arabic alphabet

In 2004 the Director of the Tangier Institute attended the Al-ibanah Arabic Language Center in Egypt in order to learn Arabic. He soon surprised his teachers by getting the maximum grade of 100/100 on more than one exam. Because of this experience he decided to open a center for the learning of this beautiful language and that is how the Tangier Institute was born in Tangier, Morocco.

Morocco is today one of the countries known for its learning method for Arabic books and the Coran : Al-ajroumiya in general, and more particularly al-Alfiya d’ibn Malik. It is not uncommon to encounter religious science students that know these methods by heart! Because of its geographical position, the city of Tangier offers easy access for its visitors : bus stations, airport, port, highways and railroads.

The Tangier Institute was created in January 2012 and since then, students from around the world attend the center to learn literary Arabic.

The Director, Mr. Fakhradine, often tells the students that « Arabic is easy ». He started writing books to learn how to speak Arabic, but also about Arabic grammar, giving everyone the possibility to learn the Arabic language!