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Choose the right Arabic course for you!

We will try with these different formulas to meet the needs of each individual. We are all different, each with our own character, ways, needs, and abilities, and that’s what makes us unique. Everyone’s situation differs based on many parameters, but everyone has the right to learn Arabic, read it, understand it, and thus feel better day by day.

So, here you will find three formulas for literary Arabic courses: intensive Arabic courses, five times a week, lighter Arabic courses for men and women (non-mixed classes), and private lessons in which you will have the opportunity to choose your own program or join a small group that you have formed yourself to start your Arabic language learning journey with peace of mind.

So, make your choice!

Intensive Arabic Courses

If your batteries are fully charged, you are in the right place to start learning literary Arabic intensively. You will have literary Arabic lessons 5 times a week, for 3 hours each day. I'll let you discover your future program and your schedule...


Lightened Arabic Courses

The main thing is to be on the path! You want to learn Arabic, but some of your responsibilities prevent you from committing to intensive courses. So, you will like the lightened literary Arabic courses because you will still achieve your goal...


Private Arabic Lessons and Small Group

You are shy, reserved, and being in a class makes you uncomfortable. You want to study a specific grammar book or something else. You lack time, and you want the teacher to focus only on you...