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Choose the right Arabic course for you!

We try to fulfill everyone’s needs thanks to our different courses. We are all different, every one of us has his or her personality, needs and ability, that is what makes us unique. Each person’s situation differs according to many parameters, but every one is us can learn to speak, read and understand Arabic and thus feel better about ourselves from one day to the next.

Here you will find three different approaches to literary Arabic : intensive 5 days a week courses, light Arabic lessons for men and women (same-sex classrooms) and individual lessons allowing you to choose your own schedule, or small group lessons that were chosen by you. All of this will help you serenely start your learning of the Arabic language.

It’s your choice!

Intensive Arabic courses

If you’ve got energy to spare, you are in the right place! You can now start to learn literary Arabic intensively. You will have literary Arabic courses 5 days a week for three hours a day. Here is your future program and schedule...


Light Arabic courses

The main thing is to be on your way! You want to learn Arabic but some of your responsibilities don’t allow you to commit to an intensive course. The literary Arabic lite courses are then made for you and will help you to reach your goals...


Individual Arabic courses

If you are a shy and reserved person that doesn’t want to be part of a class, if you want to study a precise grammar book, if you don’t have much time and you need the teacher to specifically look after you, then literary Arabic individual lessons is the solution you need...