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Salam ‘alaykoum, my name is Rachid and I will find your housing for you.

Not so long ago, I lived in France and I decided to move to Tangier, Morocco.logement tanger

I will do everything I can to help you, and for our relationship’s well being we must follow certain rules:

  • I will need a 200 euro commission that you will have to pay if and only if I find housing for you, no matter what the rent is.
  • Please ONLY fill out the form if you are sure to come!
  • After you have made your housing demand, I will contact you: no need to sent me a ton of messages ^-^.
  • The Tangier Institute makes no money off this commission, but there will be a 70 euro rebate for every new student of the institute, therefore the commission for them will be 130 euros.
  • My role is to find you housing, any additional service (airport welcome, grocery shopping…) are not included in the commission.
  • This service is no guarantee, so don’t hesitate to seek housing on your own, and if you do find one on your own please inform me!
  • Lastly, for women : only a man can contact me.



Rachid abou sofiane

Housing in Tangier?

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