Speak Moroccan or dialectal Arabic

Our qualified teachers will teach you the Moroccan dialect and make you discover Morocco and its people.

Why speak Moroccan, the darija ?

The Moroccan spoken tongue can vary from one region to the next. A lot of words sound similar but certain have particularities and language specificities.

There are also several dialects : the “riffi”, the “berber”, the “darija”… There is a great explanation on Wikipedia for those who want more information.

At the Tangier Institute we teach the “darija”. Speaking Moroccan will allow all of those that want to move to Morocco a better integration wether in a mundane or a professional context.

The Moroccan dialect is the language of the people. Even if people use literary Arabic for their studies, the language of the street is definitely Moroccan!

Dialectal Moroccan Arabic : easy or hard ?

Dialectal Arabic is not a written language, rather a spoken one.

Learning it is therefore easy, and the best way to learn it quickly is total immersion.

Being immersed in Morocco will allow the student to practice what they have learned and their progress will be even faster!

How do darija classes take place?

Schedule :

  • Classes take place in the evening with a native Moroccan teacher, “darija” runs through his veins 🙂
  •  3 times a week : Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Hours : 8 pm to 9:30 pm
  • Classes begin : September 11th 2017


Courses :

  • Our qualified teachers will teach you Moroccan dialect initiation and make you discover Morocco and its people.
  • You will learn how to greet them and answer politely.
  • You will learn how to get around in a “souk”, how to negotiate prices and how to thank people.
  • You will be able to place an order in a restaurant, ask for information and read your check properly.
  • The professor will essentially teach you the necessary vocabulary and expressions for every day life.


  • Public : adults only
  • 490 dirhams per month (4 weeks of lessons


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